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Our projects include work with nonprofits, government entities, secondary and post-secondary education, among other things.   
HBCU College Fair


Welcome to the Flex Zone! Our presentation is geared toward guiding students and families through post secondary decisions, while in high school and beyond. 


Navigating through the admission, martriculation and career choices during one's educational journey can be challenging, so taking part in this presentation, and our workshop series focusing on the right college - fit and match - will be beneficial. 

Ohio Aerospace Institute
How to Conduct a Technical Presentation Seminar(s)


Presenting technical presentations can be a challenge, even for those who are part of S.T.E.M. culture. So, can you imagine how regular people feel. This 90 minute workshop is geared toward organizating information for a presentation so that it is memorable, meaningful and makes attendees want to take action to support you. 

ShoulderBrag Purses & More
Small Business - Online Retail Boutique


Working with this fledgling company served this owner well. After a year of business education, the company has expanded its reach from online sales to pop-up shops all around Northeast Ohio communities that host flea markets, fairs and parties. From 2014 to the present, sales have doubled for ShoulderBrag Purses & More which plans to enter other platforms like Groupon and Amazon to continue driving its sales and increasing market share. 

Village of Bratenahl (Oh)
Strategic Master Plan
Advisory Committee


With the intent to assess public land and facilities for future development participation in committee affairs yielded opportunity to put forth suggestions and recommendation generating revenue, promoting economic growth and increasing visibility for prospective buyers. 

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